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Tamnagh Foods


Tamnagh  Foods,  located  in  the  scenic  Sperrin  Mountains  in  County Derry,  was  established  in  June  2010  by  Julie  Hickey. Having worked in the  food  industry  for almost two decades as a chef and restaurant owner, Julie developed a particular passion for artisan cheese and in 2008 began to study cheese production.

In  2012  Julie  and  husband  Kevin  converted  a  disused  farm  shed  into a specially  designed  production  kitchen  complete  with  maturing rooms to facilitate  the  controlled  aging  of  their  cheese.  After  that  Julie  trialed numerous  variations of cheese to establish  which would deliver  the most flavour  and  be  most  representative  of  their  region,  before  officially launching their first cheese; Sperrin Blue.