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Our Daily Bread


Melanie Gilfillan is the marvelous baker behind Belfast based Our Daily Bread and hand-makes her freshly baked breads and bread mixtures using a traditional wheaten bread recipe that has been passed down through her family for over 30 years. The concept for Our Daily Bread's Bake it Yourself kits came about when a friend asked her to send a loaf of their delicious bread over to America. Realising the bread wouldn't be particularly fresh upon arrival, Melanie began to wonder how she could create a fresh and authentic Irish bread experience with extended shelf life. By replacing the buttermilk with dried buttermilk and changing their packaging to something ovenproof, Melanie created an incredible DIY bread mix... all you have to do is add water, mix and pop in the oven!Choose from rustic Irish Wheaten Bread or traditional Irish Soda Bread for a true Northern Irish experience... both have been breads of choice in N.I. homes since 1840 when bicarbonate of soda was first made available.