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Aunt Sandras

Aunt Sandra’s are a small family owned confectionery company based in Belfast, with a rich history in confectionery production. It started back in the forty’s, when a young boy called Willy Dunne lived close to a Candy Factory. Willly, as most young boys do, loved sweets,so much in fact thatwhen he grew up he pursued a career in the factory as a master candy maker.
Willy then opened a shop on Belfast’s Albert Bridge Road and a second on Templemore Avenue and things went so well that he needed help to meet his growing demand, it was the that Aunt Sandra came on board.
Sandra worked with Willy for 30 years serving the customers and as Willy grew older, Sandra took over production, mastering the art of candy making using Willy’s delicious recipes. When Willy finally retired and his shops closed, Aunt Sandra decided to continue producing hand crafted sweets and quickly opened a shop on the Castlereagh Road in Belfast, along with her two nephews Jim and David Moore and Aunt Sandra’s was born!