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BBQ recipes

Posted by Rebecca McConnell on

Longer, warmer evenings are finally with us and we are excited... time to brush down the BBQ and get summer ready. 

We've asked several of our talented artisan producers to give us a recipe or serving suggestion for their favourite BBQ related product to share with you, our foodie followers. Happy cooking :)

Blackfire Artisan Foods

[Spicy] Samson BBQ Corn

Ingredients: 4 cobs corn, 4 tbs BlackFire Samson Sauce (with mango, roasted

pineapple, rose petals, dulse and habanero chillies), oven dried dulse to garnish.

Method: Put a couple of ounces of fresh dulse in an oven at 100 degrees c and heat until the dulse has dried out but hasn’t become tough (It should flake quite easily when crushed).

Put the corn onto the bbq turning frequently for approx 10 mins.

Coat the cobs in the Samson Sauce and cook for a further 5 mins or so until cooked all over and until the sauce begins to carmelise.

Remove from the heat and crush the oven dried dulse all over to garnish. Serve hot.

Truth be told, we haven't had a chance to try Tim's Samson BBQ Corn recipe yet, but we will be trying it very soon, it looks divine! We have however tasted his Blackfire Artisan Foods' Samson Sauce and it's incredible.  

Spicy, flavourful and 'honest', this all-natural hot sauce, definitely packs a punch! It's also well worth trying with barbecued chicken - yum! 

Top Tip:

This sauce is hot, and as such, we reckon it would be partner wonderfully with an ice-cold craft beer and so we asked Tim, if there were any local craft beers that he thinks pair particularly well this recipe... 

Tim's recommends complimenting his spicy BBQ corn with Hilden Brewery's 'Twisted Hop' - 'caramel malt, some citrus and a little biscuit on the nose finished with a flowery hop'. 

- Sounds like a 'must try', thanks Tim.

Hollah Preserving

When we asked Paula from Hollah Preserving to select a recipe or provide us with a serving suggestions for one of her favourite BBQ related Hollah Preserving products, she simply couldn't decide. So she gave us several. - We weren't sure which to include (they all sound delicious!) and so, we've passed on several :D

Paula told us...

"All the best hotdogs in town need to be smothered in Hollah Dawg for that smokey, sweet and pickle tangy taste we all love!

Marinade babyback ribs in Hollah Bucky BBQ Sauce and pre cook in the oven before reglazing & finishing off on the BBQ.

Hollah Hot Sauces love chicken, so brush the sauce on chicken and let it sizzle away on your bbq! Hollah hot sauce minis are really low calorie, only 40 Cals per bottle so great for people who want to feel the treat of a bbq but don’t want to cheat their diet!

For sides add Hollah Wingnut Sauce or Hollah Smokin Hot Sauce to coleslaw for a spicy hit!"

Paula Latuske | Hollah Preserving

Hmmmm... which to try first Paula?! We are particularly in love with Paula & Trudy's Hollah Bucky BBQ Sauce, it's delicious and it's also great fun. Yes, it actually contains a little Buckfast Tonic Wine! Such a great conversation starter for your summer BBQ gatherings :D

We plan to keep adding to this scrumptious BBQ blog... keep your eyes peeled!