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ArtisanNI recipe | Festive Chocolate Pots

Posted by Sarah Patterson, Chef-in-residence @ BITETOSAVOUR on

At BITETOSAVOUR we're always asked for recipe ideas for the amazing N.Irish artisan produce that we showcase and sell. You pick up a bar of NI Cho White Chocolate from Belfast ... but what can you make with it?

So we decided to have a 'Chef-in-residence' for our website and our space in Souk in Belfast. We hadn't seen it done before and we like to do new things, so it made sense! The perfect person to ask was Sarah Patterson of Little Pink Kitchen. We've known Sarah for a while, she's fab and we love how she makes simple, tasty recipes that anyone can do. So every month she's going to pop into Souk, pick up some ingredients and come up with something tasty...

Festive Chocolate Pots

By BITETOSAVOUR Chef-in-residence, Sarah Patterson from Little Pink Kitchen

Let me get one thing straight. 

I love Christmas pudding.

Like fully, properly adore its rich fruity ways, drenched in brandy butter or custard and accompanied by a nip of something sticky.

However, after several courses of Christmas dinner, I often keep Christmas pudding for Boxing day (and the day after that, and the day after that, and in fact all of those limbo days between Christmas and New Year where you wear pyjamas and don’t quite know what day of the week it is).

On Christmas day itself, I prefer something like this. Rich, sweet and deliciously satisfying without filling you up too much and with the added bonus of being ridiculously easy to make. The simplicity of the recipe means the quality of your ingredients counts, which is why I’m delighted to be using NI Cho for mine this year.

Now, I’m off to find that nip of something sticky...

For this recipe the Northern Irish artisan producer I'm picking :

  • NI Cho, a fantastic husband and wife team from Belfast who make astonishly good chocolate

The Northern Irish artisan product you'll need for this dish

Festive chocolate pots

Serves 6. Cooking time 5 minutes.

160g white [N.Irish!] chocolate
150ml double cream
1 egg
30ml Irish Cream liqueur
Seeds from one pomegranate, for decoration

1. Chop chocolate finely.
2. Heat cream until almost boiling.
3. Pour cream over chocolate and allow to stand for 1 minute.
4. Mix the cream and the chocolate well, before beating in the egg and the liqueur.
5. Divide the mixture between 6 espresso cups or shot glasses.
6. Chill for at least 4 hours.
7. Top with the pomegranate seeds.

Sarah x

What else could you do with good quality artisan white chocolate?

- grate over hot chocolate and add marshmallows for 'snowman soup'
- use in place of dark chocolate in your favourite brownie recipe to make blondies
- leftover chocolate? Have it with a nice cup of (suki) tea and a sit down

Sarah in our Studio Souk Christmas pop-up in Castlecourt, Belfast choosing the chocolate for this recipe...

About Sarah & Little Pink Kitchen

Sarah doesn’t just spend her days dreaming up fab artisan recipes for us, in her Little Pink Kitchen she cooks up tasty lunches that she will deliver right to your Belfast desk if you order here. If you’d like Sarah to help you come up with a menu for your party, or even if you just want to talk sandwich fillings, email her at For a touch of online social media stalking, check out her Facebook page.